Meet Chef Michael Carney

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Pittsburgh Sandwich Society: Meet Chef Michael Carney

Former culinary instructor, chef, father, food obsessed, sandwich enthusiast Michael Carney took his dreams to the street when he opened Pittsburgh Sandwich Society food truck. Creating unique flavors and putting a Pittsburgh spin on classic sandwiches, chef Carney has made his mark on the Pittsburgh food truck scene.

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Weekly Schedule

  • Tuesday 6/19: Heinz Lofts Street Eats, 300 Heinz St, from 4 - 8
  • Wednesday 6/20: M&J Willow, 11 Stanwix St, from 1130 - 130
  • Thursday 6/21: BNY Mellon, 500 Ross St, from 1130 - 2
  • Friday 6/22: Friday at Frick, 7227 Reynolds St, from 5 - 9
  • Saturday 6/23: Squirrel Hill Night Market, Murray Ave, from 6 - 10
  • Sunday 6/24: Grist House, 10 E Sherman, from 2 - 8


Pittsburgh Sandwich Society: Facebook
Pittsburgh Sandwich Society: Facebook
Pittsburgh Sandwich Society: Facebook

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